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Hi, I'm JX! I try to explore and understand the world and build things to improve it.
I work on building software and robotics at Zeroth. Previously, I worked on the development of a visual programming product that simplifies robotics control and industrial automation for engineers and scientists at Flojoy.
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F1TENTH Autonomous Vehicle
Building the F1TENTH autonomous racing car for ICRA 2024. Worked on perception, planning (global and local), control, and algorithms in ROS2.
Flojoy Robotics
Robotics development is complex and difficult. I partnered with Jack Parmer, founder of Plotly and Flojoy, to make robotics integration and deployment easy for engineers and businesses.
ROS Robot Manipulator Controller and Planner
ROS C++ kinematics and dynamics controller, cubic polynomial trajectory planner, and action client/server for robot manipulator pick and place tasks.
I study and specialize in applied robotics and machine learning at McGill University, and worked on swarm robotics research. I'm currently doing exchange in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University. Previously, I worked at Qubit as a Product Software Engineer on the search, recommendations, and personalization platform.
Aside from building things, I'm very interested in psychology, history, physics, and rationality. I enjoy bouldering, chess, photography, and solo backpacking. I'm currently training for ultra-marathons and triathlons.
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You can reach me at jingxiangmo@gmail.com, or use any of the links below!