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Hi, I'm JX! I try to explore and understand the world and build things to improve it.
I work on building automation systems and projects at Zeroth. Previously, I worked on the development of a visual programming product that simplifies robotics control and industrial automation for engineers and scientists at Flojoy.
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ROS Robot Manipulator Controller and Planner
ROS C++ kinematics and dynamics controller, cubic polynomial trajectory planner, and action client/server built from scratch for robot manipulator control.
Flojoy Robotics
A visual programming software for high-precision control of industrial robotic arms, featuring advanced trajectory planning and robust server integration.
On-premise, privacy-centric medical transcription and summarization software for doctors. Local server architecture and local LLM inference.
I study and specialize in applied robotics and machine learning at McGill University, and worked on swarm robotics research. I'm currently doing exchange in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University. Previously, I worked at Qubit as a Product Software Engineer on the search, recommendations, and personalization platform.
Aside from building things, I'm very interested in psychology, history, physics, and rationality. I enjoy bouldering, chess, photography, and solo backpacking. I'm currently training for ultra-marathons and triathlons.
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You can reach me at jingxiangmo@gmail.com, or use any of the links below!